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Resources for Attorneys and Advocates from NCVLI

  • NCVLI’s Bar Association NAVRA.

    The National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys (NAVRA) is NCVLI’s bar association committed to the protection, enforcement, and advancement of crime victims’ rights nationwide. Through increased communication, coordination, and training of attorneys and advocates working in victim law, NAVRA works to increase the availability of expert services for crime victims. Membership is open to attorneys, non-attorney victim advocates, crime victims, law students, and individuals interested in legal developments that affect crime victims. Join the National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys [PDF]

  • NCVLI’s Library of Legal Resources.

    NCVLI's Library of Legal Resources contains laws and educational material about crime victims' rights. Included in library is the text of key victims’ rights laws of each jurisdiction, including the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act; publications from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime and other agencies; and informational publications from NCVLI.

  • NCVLI’s Technical Assistance for Attorneys and Advocates.

    NCVLI’s legal team provides legal research, writing, and strategic case advice on cutting edge victims’ rights issues to attorneys and advocates nationwide who are working directly with victims in criminal matters. Providing high quality research, writing, and strategic guidance to these attorneys and advocates ensures that victims everywhere can have the best advocacy possible.

  • NCVLI’s Annual Crime Victim Law Conference.

    NCVLI hosts the only national conference focusing on rights enforcement. The 2010 Conference will focus on securing fairness for crime victims. In law, fairness requires both procedural and substantive due process. This means that the law must be applied fairly to all, procedural safeguards must be afforded before a decision is taken that could affect a citizen's right, and each person's fundamental rights must be protected throughout the process.

Latest News and Updates in Victims’ Rights from NCVLI’s Bar Association, NAVRA: